Discovering a new world - One Team VI, Week III


The third day of training of the sixth One Team project with Valencia Basket surprised the young players. Upon arrival at the training site, several sports monitors from the Aspromovise La Costera Occupational Center were waiting to teach them how to work with people with functional diversity every day.

Thus, the class has tried to see how this training can be based on the game of boccia. Antoni Soler, sports instructor, explains the story:

"The occupational center is a place that comes to work, the task we have is to be as standardized as possible in the world as we know it, and our task as sports monitors is that during the week they have some physical activity so that they do not there are 8 working hours sitting in a chair ".

For Antoni, "they show us that the barriers, the limitations they have, are not as great as they seem".

It is not a simple world at first, "the first vision is very impressive, we do this kind of activities in schools and it is, but the children have it more normalized than the adults, they get much closer to them, they want to have contact with them, be very close ".

And it's a long way to go yet, although "little by little I think that with organizations like ours or with the One Team program, little by little it is progressing".