Vidorreta: "We couldn’t maintain our level of aggressivity and clarity to protect our advantages"


Valencia Basket coach Txus Vidorreta said after the defeat of his team against Real Madrid that "it was a game that we controlled well both the first half and the start of the third quarter, but as happened in the game of Euroleague in the last five minutes of the third quarter and at the start of the last, we have not been able to maintain the level of aggressivity and clarity in order to maintain our advantages. And there it has weighed that when a team goes in ascending line and another one begins to fall has weighed a little the so demanding week that we have taken. I think it's something we have to learn from, that we are capable of competing against Real Madrid for 80 minutes at home and for 50 minutes at the Palacio, but not in the last fifteen of the two games here in Madrid”.