David Navarro talks about Matt Thomas: “He will work hard the time it takes to be successful”


In the week that he will land in Valencia to take his first steps as taronja with the usual medical reviews, we seek an opinion on the new player of Valencia Basket Matt Thomas from someone who knows him well. The shooting guard with taronja past David Navarro (25 games with our jersey in the last four months of the 2010-11 season) suffered for a whole season the ability of Matt Thomas to score with both hands in the Monbus Obradoiro’s practices. And he defines the American guard as "a very normal boy, very hard-worker above all, he has very clear ideas that he has come to triumph in basketball. It's his passion and I know he's going to dedicate the time it takes to be successful. His life is basketball and he comes to Valencia for what is coming, which is to work. But he is a boy who is very well connected, he is a good partner, always with good behavior".