Rafa Martínez, taronja and Endesa League representative in the Upfront of Movistar +


The Valencia Basket captain Rafa Martinez is the representative of our Club, and by extension of the Endesa League, in the Upfront Movistar +, an event that takes place on the night of this Tuesday at the Reina Sofía Museum and in which the new season of Movistar +. The protagonists are going to go through this night on a blue carpet that is the preview of the night gala in which the novelties for the new course of this platform will be presented.


The world of basketball at Movistar + has met to pose on the blue carpet with the presence of Rafa Martínez along with the narrators and basketball commentators on Movistar +, who for this season add the participation of former player Sitapha Savané, and with the winner of 7 NBA rings Robert Horry as ambassador for the best league in the world.