Ponsarnau: "We have risked in the third quarter and they have dominated us"


Taronja coach said after the game, "we started the game with confidence and with clearer ideas than other games. Real Madrid wanted to break our offensive rhythm and our tactic of taking out Tavares, they have put in zone and we have attacked it well. Small details gave them a shot they put. The worst thing is that they had put many players with confidence, and we hadn't. We have risked and we were wrong, we wanted to put players who had not entered well in the third quarter and Real Madrid have been dominanting us. In that moment, we have read the game very badly and that's where the difference came from, they were inspired and we have not understood that moment. In the last one, we have understood it, we have been able to return but it was too late. We aren't happy, we would like to have competed 40 minutes, we have done 30, and those 10 have not. Many things to learn, we need to reset for next game at Murcia."