Christian, an example of perseverance – One Team VII, Week III


The third training session of the seventh One Team project with Valencia Basket aimed to increase the cohesion of the group, with a new contact with the teamwork, highlighting the individual contribution of each of the participants to this group work.


The session also served to know the history of Christian, who thanks to the help of “Projecte Obert Paterna” and "Mamás en Acción", overcame a childhood full of adversity. "I lived with my mother, and she m et a man who turned out to be a batterer. Son finally my mother ended up having problems with alcohol and I wasn’t okay in that environment. When I was 12 I decided to leave that behind and I went with my father. But finally I had problems with him, we dindn’t get along with each other and I decided to go to a foster home" says the protagonist.


After being part of “Projecte Obert” in Paterna, his philosophy changed. "It was my salvation. I realized the educators were there to help me. They gave me moral lessons every day, and they helped me to wake up with a smile" he says.


The role of "Mamás en Acción" has been vital to help him. "They gave us support us and encouraged us. They have the rol of the mother who tries to make her son happy no matter how". Sport has also been an important part of Christian's recovery. "It's a gift to bring you to the site where Valencia Basket practices. I encourage all those children to practice sports because it helps you to be happier" he recommends.


Ten sessions, a goal

This project "One Team VII" has planned ten training sessions that will take place on Tuesdays from tomorrow, November 6 in the afternoon until the month of January. With them, participants are expected to live positive experiences and develop healthy habits of personal improvement that can be transferred to the school or work environment. All this through the learning of the basic concepts of a collective sport such as basketball, which will help participants to know the values ​​of sacrifice and responsibility that derive from organized exercise, use sport as a formula for personal development and direct their steps so that they can find in the practice of any sport activity a way to grow as people


Mamás en acción

In Mamás en Acción become, always in an altruistic way, in moms and dads for a few hours of those children who do not have the closeness of their families, children who are protected by the local government and reside in centers and children's homes enabled for it. , with the objective that these children receive the love and attention that a person of their age requires.


They lend our work to institutions, organizations and associations (parishes, hospitals, NGOs, public centers, schools ...) so that they indicate who can need Moms in Action and dedicating their time to caring for, caring for and giving love to these children. For this reason they always collaborate under the approval of the institutions and the supervision of the professionals and psychologists of these entities. They also carry out different activities both for collecting basic products for these children and their families, and for other actions that get the smiles of all of them.