Ponsarnau: "Deserved defeat"


Coach Jaume Ponsarnau said at the end of the game, "congratulate Monbus Obradoiro, they have played a huge game, they have beaten us in many things of the game and that is why they won. they went to control their outside game, they damaged our confidence by punishing us and even though the score was not noticeable, it has generated doubts in our game plan, the game was on the right track, in attack we were playing very well, finding many players There has been a moment towards the end of the 3rd quarter where there have been some pitches that have unhinged us, we have lost the concentration of the match and the consistency.We may have played that moment with too many players who were not fine and they have tied the match From there onwards, I think that the confidence they had at that moment offensively to play pick 'n' roll was key, finding all the We were not clairvoyant, we were not communicatively in the places where we should be. In attack, we could have won the game solid in rebound and with second options. The 4 losses in the last quarter have destroyed our confidence to make sense in the game. Thus comes a defeat that I understand has been deserved."