Bojan Dubljevic, sidelined vs. Delteco GBC


Valencia Basket player Bojan Dubljevic suffered a traumatism in the left lumbosacral area last Monday during the 2019 World Cup European Qualifiers game that faced the national teams of Montenegro and Latvia.


The resonances to which the player has been submitted revealed that the taronja center suffers a bruise at the level of the left iliac-sacral joint that has prevented him from integrating into the team's practices, so he will not travel to San Sebastian for the tomorrow’s game.


Bojan Dubljevic joins Alberto Abalde in the injured list for the tomorrow’s game at the Delteco GBC’s court after both players get injured playing with their national teams. The evolution of these injuries will mark if they can take part in the start of the 7DAYS EuroCup quarterfinals series vs. Rytas Vilnius.