Valencia Basket will carry out a solidarity action for the benefit of Por ti Mujer


Valencia Basket has announced, in a press conference in which the women's team captains Esther Díaz and Irene Garí have participated, a solidarity action in favor of the Por ti Mujer Association that will take place during the match against Cadí La Seu (Saturday 19h , Fonteta, Twitter FEB).

The Club will donate one euro to the association for each person who goes to the Fonteta to witness the match. The objective is no other than to take another step forward in the daily work that is already being done, the only one in Spain to have its first male and female teams at the highest level, taking advantage of the opportunity to fill the Fonteta in a women's basketball game, putting once again in value the effort of the players who from the first moment have shown their interest in carrying out this action.