Burgos: “We have not lowered our level and we have distributed effort”


"The first of today's game is that obviously we have seen clearly that our approach had to go to rotate players, to share the effort, but nothing to lower the bar we have had in each day and in each game against each opponent. Obviously the opponent came, apart from his qualifying position, with injury problems that have conditioned them in the way they play. They have confidence but in defense obviously without rotation you can only defend area and obviously at a little pace, during some phases of the match we have been infected and we have not played with the intensity we would like, always from the defense. Then, I think that the passage of the game has made the dynamics rise and people have started to contribute from the bank, and in the end the game ends with a result we wanted. What depended on us to be fourth we did it with a cast of minutes, with I believe that the people involved and plugged in and reaching a good level and a good physical tone for the playoffs. "