Ponsarnau: "We are feeling well and with ambition to start the Playoff"


Taronja coach said after the game, "the question of the game is whether the tone and rhythm of Baskonia, which is one of its values, were going to prevent us from following the game idea that we were having in the We started the game well, serious, with alternations on the scoreboard but with good feelings, they were taking advantage of the race and in some corner, with the pick and roll ... We were playing fluid, they solved and we we also solved what they were hurting us in. It was a nice match and that has led us to take the lead on the scoreboard from the third quarter onwards, we have been solid in finding a lot of players and many have had their moment. because we are well and with ambition to start the Playoff, to my knowledge no one has been harmed and that is good news. "

"We started the season with a lot of injuries, which we had to face with patience and persistence. We nuanced things, we were patient in recovering players and building a game idea. offensive as defensive This has allowed us to be competitive enough to win the 7DAYS EuroCup and in this final section of Liga Endesa we also win matches."