Quotes Guillem Vives y Joan Sastre pre P2 Semifinals Liga Endesa


Both Guillem Vives and Joan Sastre reflect after the first semifinal match on the Real Madrid track and with a view to the second tomorrow (Saturday 8, 21:00h, Wizink Center, #Vamos) that will decide the second point of the tie.


Guillem Vives: "We must prepare to go out at another pace"

The base reflects on the match and the schedule, "it's complicated, but it was established like that, we can not complain, we knew it was like that. They were very different from us in preparing it, in rhythm, they have also started very successful, and I am sure that Saturday will be another game and we will play different. "


The base says that "not long ago this happened, we lost the first one and we won the second one. Let's all convince ourselves that we can and try to get the 1-1. Let's analyze it, we'll probably think about things, we'll have to prepare ourselves mentally differently and go out to another rhythm of the game, if you do not play at their intensity they go very fast and very hard. "


Joan Sastre: "Get up, correct mistakes and think about the next"

The international SG commented that "we are used to these situations and we should not make excuses for the physical level because there are not any, we are professionals and we have to be prepared for these situations. We can not regret or give up, it's a 1-0, like any other game, you have to get up, correct mistakes and think about the next one. It's one of the worst games we've played this year, now we have to recover, correct mistakes and play much better.”