Ponsarnau: "We have improved but they are very good"


Taronja coach said after the game, "we have lost and the season is over, we have played against a great team that has very good players and coaches who have made a preparation to minimize many things. go ahead helped because we could not train in the preparation of the first match, I think we have adapted well, we have improved many things in each match but they are very good, there is a reality that makes it more difficult. Very good, they whistle what they think they are and they are so good that they almost always succeed, but against Real Madrid it always costs a little more to get right in the situations of doubt.We also regret, assuming a lot of responsibility, of not having arrived in our I made a mistake with the last two weeks before Playoff when we lifted our foot off the accelerator, but the two injuries we had made it difficult for us. easy and this is for the brave. Despite this, I am very happy that Rafa Martínez has fired the Fonteta as he has been able to do. He deserves this farewell and much more. La Fonteta has been incredible but he deserves everything in the world and I think he is a person to take into account in life, not only for what he has done as a player, even more for what he has done as a person. We will learn to be better next season."