Matt Thomas: "Happy with my first year in Valencia, and wanting to compete in the Euroleague"


The North American SG talks about his first year in Valencia, where he is already preparing for next season. We talked with Matt about his current recovery process, about his year, about the 7Days Eurocup, about his summer and about the challenges of the next season with the dispute of the Turkish Airlines Euroleague.

How's your recovery going?

I feel good, working every day, right now what I want is to recover my strength and my mobility but I am happy with the progression that I am having.

Your first year, with your European debut, was it what you expected?

I loved playing for the first time in a European competition, it is clear that the Eurocup is the second competition, but the fact of traveling, seeing different countries, different leagues, was fun, and we had very good times traveling in Russia, Turkey, Germany ... playing in different cities, and next season playing in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague is going to be something similar and I really want to do it.

And winning a title

Winning the Eurocup was the great momentum of the season for me, winning a championship with my teammates, we could not do it in Berlin, that was a tough match, but winning it in the third, in front of all our fans, with my brother here in Valencia , being able to live that experience with me, celebrating with everyone, it was a moment that I am staying for the rest of my life.

A pity not being able to help the team in PlayOff

It was a little disappointing for me not to be able to play PlayOff because of the injury I had, also at the time it was, leaving me out of a goal I had like debuting in the PlayOff. The level and intensity always rise, you can see now with Real Madrid and Barça but well, very happy of my first year in Valencia and with a lot of desire to compete in the Euroleague.

Ready to play Liga Endesa and Euroleague at the same time?

I can not say that I am ready for the Endesa League and the Euroleague at the same time since I have never played it, so I do not know what to expect, what I have clear is that I will do everything possible to prepare myself physically and mentally in this post season , be healthy, keep improving every day and every summer, return in August and prepare for a good season.