Antoine Diot ends his 4 year stage as taronja


Valencia Basket and Antoine Diot separate their paths after four years of union in which the French PG has achieved an Liga Endesa, a 7Days Eurocup and a Supercopa Endesa, that is, the last three titles that have been hung from the roof of the Fonteta.


Part in the recent brilliant history

Antoine Diot arrived in Valencia in the summer of 2015 from Strasbourg. The following season, his second, he won the championship of the Endesa League exercising as the starting point, in addition to the subchampionships of Copa del Rey and Eurocup. At the start of the season 17-18, he would get his second title with the achievement of the Endesa Supercopa.


In this fourth and final season, Diot arrived in time to participate in his third and final title, the 7Days Eurocup, in which he was an active part, especially in the Top16 and in the final against ALBA Berlin.


In total, Diot accumulates 132 games in his career at Valencia Basket, divided into 93 league games, 33 of the 7Days Eurocup, 4 of the Copa del Rey and 2 of the Super Cup.


Valencia Basket wants to thank the French player for his dedication and dedication in these last four seasons in which he has dressed our shirt, as well as wish him the best of luck in the future