Leticia Romero completes her signing with Valencia Basket


The player Leticia Romero (1.72, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 05/28/1995, 24 years old) has now passed the medical check-up performed at the IMED Valencia Hospital to become a taronja player for next season.


The player who alternates the base and escort positions, began in the ranks of Spar Gran Gran Canaria and completed her university training in the US, where she debuted in the WNBA. The last two seasons played the women's Euroleague at the USK Praha in the Czech Republic. Now, he has completed his signing with Valencia Basket after successfully passing medical tests.


Leticia Romero: "I feel very strong and eager"


The new taronja player assured after finishing the review that “I feel very strong and eager. This is simply routine and gives you the energy to start off on the right foot”.


About the season he has indicated that “it will be different from what Valencia is used to but it is true that many teams in Spain are reinforcing very well, that is, the competition will be very high and in Europe the same. It is a new competition in this club and I think we all come forward to face it and give everything to be up”.


Leticia is sure, in addition, that she will have to “contribute in whatever. From cheering to being on the track in defense and attack, help the teammates. For what I need here I will be”.