Supercopa Endesa preview: Vives, Sastre and Abalde


Alberto Abalde, Joan Sastre and Guillem Vives spoke on Thursday morning of Endesa Super Cup and the possibilities of Valencia Basket for that first semifinal match against Barça on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at the Wizink Center .


For Alberto Abalde, it is “a competition that arrives a little early for everyone, with people arriving from the FIBA World Cup, with rosters that are not yet teams, but it is a title and we are looking forward and with good memories that last time. We played it, we won it. We know that Barça will be very hard but we are looking forward to it ”


On forecasts, "these tournaments of few games you never know, but we as a good thing is not to be favorites by their big names, and it can be good, we must work, go quiet and win the first game."


In the case of Joan Sastre, "we are going to Madrid to win the game, it is true that Barça is the favorite, but the favorite does not always win, we are going to go to war and make the difficult game."


In the case of Guillem Vives, “normally the two teams do not reach the same level, especially teams that have many new players, which are changing their philosophy. Physically, I also don't think it's the best time for a tournament like this one in which if you lose you're out, but it's a title, we know what it's like to win it and we have to fight it. Yes, the game is complicated, but following the philosophy that Jaume is indicating we are on the right track”