Velarte brings the flavour to the game vs. Movistar Estudiantes


Valencia Basket returns home after fifteen days without playing in front of its crowd and does so to try to keep his streak at home against Movistar Estudiantes (Sunday 15, 20:00h, Fonteta, Movistar +). To try to continue in the winning dynamic, we have a very special collaboration thanks to Velarte's sponsorship. 8,000 clappers will be distributed that can be used to participate in a contest to take a signed jersey and a batch of products of this brand. The finalists chosen through the Social Media will compete in the Fonteta for a direct prize, hundreds of shirts and caps will be thrown to the stands and samples of Velarte products will be distributed at the end of the game. All this in a night in which Santa will not miss his annual appointment with the Fonteta to attend the kids.