Rubén Burgos: "Faith has made us believe in the last play"


Rubén Burgos analyzed the game: "It is a victory of great merit on a complicated court, in a face or cross match in which anyone could have won. Our start has been good in defense and ofense, but some lost and not being comfortable has allowed easy shots to a great rival like IDK Gipuzkoa who has taken advantage of them. At the half time everything was even and the start has not been good on our part at the defensive level, we have opened the court better but our defense has been worse, also by merit of the rival. We knew that we would return to our level, and that faith and believing in the comeback of all the players has led us to believe in the last play, we had the option of 3points shot or penetration, Queralt has decided that and has done it amazing. It's a victory of merit and the work of believing and having faith until the end, it reinforces us in the classification and in the mood" he said.