Ponsarnau: “Playing after 48 hours is hard, but happy to stop them at 63 points”


The coach Taronja commented that “playing after 48 hours costs us, but we must identify that it is difficult for us to play against a complex tactic such as Movistar Students, so I am satisfied with our success by leaving them at 63 points, it seems to me an important merit, seeing the problems of success and losses, which has left us with the feeling of not playing well. We have played against a team of good systems, and with perseverance we have found players. ”

On the balance sheet, “it has been a good weekend, of results like ours. We will improve those of the 48 hours, we can have an accident if you find a successful team, but we have room for improvement and we will insist, but our reality happens to add more and more players ”.

The coach Taronja wanted to "dedicate the victory to Martín Labarta in his fight", in reference to the field delegate.