Ponsarnau: "In bad times we have shown consistency"


The coach Taronja commented that “the entry has been solid, unlike other games of this type. We played against a team with many systems with a special game, and we have been learning to defend better. They brought many together from the surprise and the Marcelinho-Shermadini connection. We have improved, worse they have been changing things and we were one step behind. Of course, in attack we were very comfortable. ”

On the beginning with the banner of Martín Labarta, “we have all wanted to put our grain of sand to give our full support to Martín Labarta since he has given it to the inside and outsiders for so long. Also with the referees, it is an example of humanity and deserves this and much more. ”

On the evolution of the team "we have been improving as a team, and for example when they have put 4, we have shown consistency, the character was, it was about finding what to believe."

On the vuekta trip to Istanbul, “yesterday we suspended training to be able to have more physical and mental energy today after the trip we had. This morning we wanted to train with desire, with smile and concentration, and I think that this morning we have seen it, we have valued more energy and it has been going well for us ”.