Valencia Basket falls in the overtime on the Real Madrid’s court (85-78)


Valencia Basket saw how the reaction of Real Madrid in the last quarter prevented him from taking a win in a game the taronja squad was leading by thirteen in the third quarter and that was decided in overtime in favor of the local team. The Taronja squad balanced its bad first quarter with a good second to go tied to the half-time, opened an advantage in the third and tried to hold it in the last despite Rudy Fernández's accuracy. Abalde (the best taronja with 16 points) could not take advantage of the shot to win in the regulation time and in extra time, two triples from Real Madrid move the balance in favor of the home team. The taronja team remains in access positions for the Copa del Rey, a position that will defend definitively if on Sunday 12 at 5:00 p.m. beat the Joventut Club of Badalona in La Fonteta.