WBC Enisey of Russia will be the rival in the Round of 16 of EuroCup Women


Valencia Basket already knows his opponent in the Round of 16 of the Eurocup Women, the WBC Enisey, after the Russian team easily won the Polish InvestInTheWest Enea Gorzow in the second game of the Play-Off.


The first Round of 16 game will be played next Thursday, January 23 in Krasnoyarsk on a schedule yet to be defined. The second game, when everything will be decided, will be played in Fonteta on Wednesday, January 29, also with schedule to be defined.

Esteban Albert, coordinator of the women's area of Valencia Basket, assessed that: “It will be a tough opponent that we are going to have to face, not only a good team, but a very complicated shift. It's a team which is more than 8,000 kilometers away from Valencia, with 6 hours of time difference and everything that involves travel, adaptation ... On the other hand, it's positive that the second game is at home. We have already seen in this play-off it's a team that pushes a lot at home. They lost by one point in Poland and now they won of 16,they traced the play-off, also dominating the game from the beginning. Tough rival both sportingly and the fact of the trip".