Julián Martínez: “I wish there were ten clubs like Valencia Basket”


From L’Alqueria del Basket to rival of Valencia Basket. It sounds paradoxical, but it happens to Julián Martínez. Regular in the School of Female Technification that is organized in summer at the house of European training basketball and in Calvestra, he took charge last month of Campus Promete, in Endesa Women's League, helping to change the pace of the Riojan team, which is now playing against taronja team.

“I wish there were 10 clubs like Valencia Basket which are really committed to gender equality, who are going more firmly with the women's project and also the people involved feel it so much inside the club, as the fans, with 5000 people in some games and providing all the infrastructure that the men have at their service, ”he explains.