Ponsarnau: "Our final mistakes have allowed them to take the win"


The Taronja coach said after the defeat in Santiago that “we have started the game cold in terms of sensations although concentrated, defending their focus of play well but they in everything that is to be in the game and start hot have been better than us. They have started better in the rebound, in the race, in the turnovers. We understood the game, we got into it and we understood the inertia of the rebound, which was very important. It was about looking for our accuracy and learning how to defend their virtues during the game. In the second half, although they have started ahead, the sensations were good and at the beginning of the fourth period we lost a couple of balls, something that has given them confidence. And they have found three-pointers. They have been very successful in the last quarter, with a basket conceptually very good in what was the whole game of painting finding their superiorities. And in the end, the things of success or not success, a turnover, two free throws that we have failed at the last minute has allowed them to take the win ”.