Rubén Burgos: "This games are really good for the competition"


Rubén Burgos analyzed the game. “Congratulations to Gernika for the victory, it has been a great match. We expected matched match, but more than this is impossible. It's not by chance. We saw it last year. These matches are very good for the competition, we are creating a healthy rivalry two teams with a lot of ambition and for me it is a pleasure this match, and knowing that more are coming. We received more points than we wanted in the first part, we wanted to avoid their streaks from the defense. In the third quarter we achieved it and that gave us confidence. The team didn't stop believing and all the players helped a lot. Games like this are decided by details. And today there were two three points shots of Dietrick. I think the defense wasn't bad, we arrived a little late and she punished. We executed the last attack perfectly, but it failed and we can't reproach Meiya or any of the players. The work was good. We have days to recover, recover players and keep our daily work to grow”he said.