Ponsarnau: "We knew that starting badly could condition us"


The Taronja coach commented after the game that “we have started the game with good intentions but without good feelings. We were entering a negative wheel that we did not fix with accuracy. We played against a team capable of punishing us, with a lot of basketball, a lot of smart baskets, and when it seems that you were defending it well they have a lot of player capable of doing baskets. In the second quarter they have hurt us for what we have not gotten, for the turnovers ... We have sought another idea in the second half, with other players, Dubi has given us aggressiveness and Quino has given us the accuracy to take the game to a moment where anyone could win, and they have taken it”

On how to face the game, the Taronja coach declared that “we knew that if we started badly, in tow, it would condition us a lot, his surprise game is hurting you. The team has tried, but clairvoyance has been lacking, and we have tried to reverse it. They are having a very meritorious season and have done very well. ”