Penya Basquet Che celebrates its 25th anniversary surrounded by the Taronja Family


Not every day is 25 years old, so the way to celebrate it has to be big. It is for this reason that Penya Basquet Che wanted to celebrate his 25 years with a good number of members of the Taronja Family in the Valencian restaurant of Mas Blayet.

There were more than 50 penyistas with Anna Gómez, Julia Reisingerova, Rosó Buch, Leticia Romero, Rubén Burgos, Jaume Ponsarnau, Fernando San Emeterio, Guillem Vives, Mike Tobey or Maurice Ndour. In addition to historical taronja such as Víctor Luengo or Nacho Rodilla, President Vicente Solá and many other personalities of Valencia Basket.

A night of celebration with emotional videos, with indelible memories of 25 years of history, with nostalgic speeches and eager to move forward for many more years.