The total capacity of the Valencia Basket sold only to its subscribers and local public


In response to the recommendations that health authorities have made this afternoon at a press conference, and specifically related “we have issued a recommendation whose enforceability will depend on the autonomous communities, which refers to sports competitions. Those professional events in which a high presence of fans coming from the risk areas is expected, ... the recommendation is that it be held behind closed doors ”.


Valencia Basket has verified and transferred that no tickets have been sold to Italian fans who must travel for the Turkish Airlines Euroleague match next Thursday, 5, against Armani AX Exchange Milan. And, therefore, no fans will move, so not giving the circumstances provided for in this recommendation, the tranquility of local fans who plan to attend the game is facilitated.


The Pavilion of the Fountain of San Luis has a capacity of 8,000 spectators, of which 7,750 are annual subscribers of the club. The other locations, specifically 74 have been sold to local public. Therefore, it will not have fans displaced from the affected areas of Italy; and the meeting can be held normally, according to the aforementioned recommendations.