• Liga Femenina Endesa - Suspended
  • Copa de la Reina - Semifinals
  • Eurocup Women - Top8 - Suspended

The second year in the Endesa Women's League and the first in Europe brought about changes in the squad. In the base position, Esther Díaz left the team after being present in the first five years of the club and as the player with the most games in our history. Anna Gómez and Marina Lizarazu, already recovered, would form the base position. Helping between the base position and the escort position, the Canary Leticia Romero will arrive.


In the external positions, the Valencian Irene Garí and María Pina, and the North American Joy Adams will continue in the team. The three will be joined by the arrival of the explosive Spanish international Queralt Casas.


For the interior game, Rebeca Cotano will continue in her sixth season, in addition to Tamara Abalde and Meiya Tirera. The three will be joined by the Czech Julia Reisingerova in the center position and the Belgian Jana Raman in the power forward position.


The ship will continue to be commanded by coach Rubén Burgos, in its third season as top female manager.


The season started off on the right foot, achieving the first victories that soon underpin the road to qualification for the second Queen's Cup in our history. So much so, that the pass would be achieved, for the first time, as seeds, among the top four finishers.


The first Taronja participation in Europe came with the Eurocup. Valencia Basket was paired in the group stage alongside Greek Olympiacos, Hungarian CEKK Cegled or Belgian Namur. The balance of 6 wins and 0 losses certified a spectacular start taronja.


The bad news came in the form of serious injuries. First Leticia Romero and later María Pina suffered ligament injuries that made them finish their seasons in a hurry. In his place, midway through the season, two additions, the Catalan shooting guard Rosó Buch, and the American forward Robyn Parks.


The good season in the Women's League allowed the top seed for the Copa de la Reina de Salamanca, although it would not be easy, the rival, Ciudad de la Laguna de Tenerife, had imposed on the taronja in both games of the Endesa Women's League. But it was time to make history, and Valencia Basket went into the semifinals for the first time after winning 69-54. In the semifinals, Valencia Basket stood up to the almighty Spar Girona, but the Catalans made a better last quarter and tipped the balance in their favor.


In the European competition, the taronja would advance two more rounds, beating first the Russian WBC Enisey, and then the Basque team of Lointek Gernika, sealing their passport among the 8 best teams in the Eurocup Women. In the quarters I would expect the Castors Braine from Belgium.


Then, everything stopped because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Both the Eurocup Women and the Endesa Women's League had to first stop and then suspend their competitions, leaving both titles deserted this season.