Rubén Burgos: “ We lacked of efficiency”


Valencia Basket coach Rubén Burgos has assessed the defeat of his team in the semifinals of the LF Endesa Super Cup against Lointek Gernika after an overtime: "We have seen a typical start of this time of the season. The first one has fallen in favor of us then they have equaled us. So far everything normal. We have been complicated by Raquel’s injury. It is true that the effort of the players has been maximum and I have congratulated them for this, but we haven’t known how to take advantages or we haven’t taken advantage of them scoring enough and they have been very successful. The specific situation of the last defense, where we have used the bonus very well and the foul may or may not be but then we failed on scoring and we were tired in the overtime.

For her part, the player Queralt Casas said that "it was a very tough game as we expected. At the beginning we were well and they weren’t and it has allowed us to run and play our game. Then they had a good partial, we had bad luck with Raquel’s injury although it is no excuse, but it is true that we were looking for her a lot because she had started very well and then we only had two centers left and we have accused fatigue".