Rubén Burgos: "The defense gives us confidence"


Leticia Romero was the first to comment. “It was difficult for us at the beginning, they started strong and with motivation. We continued in the game, we imposed our game and little by little we improved on the scoreboard until in the second half we have dominated, which was the objective" she said. Rubén Burgos was very happy with the performance. “We are satisfied with the result and the effort of the players. It was an objective to distribute effort and we have achieved it. We didn't start well in defense, that has given them confidence, we knew how to cut it running and with offensive success. The team was rebuilt, but the objective was to low their scoring and continue to share the ball, be strong and solid. That helped us and the performance of the third quarter broke the game and gave us confidence. Confidence always has to come from the defense” he explained.