Post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Josep Puerto


Post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Josep Puerto

Jaume ponsarnau

The Valencia Basket coach pointed out after the victory that “we have played against a talented team, who have made a very good game plan, and they have found us without the right tone. If we don't have the right tone, we become very vulnerable. Since the attack we were not comfortable. Afterwards, unfortunate things happened from our stress, which brought free throws for them, and we did not find serenity ”.


Ponsarnau stressed that “we have started the second half better, and conceptually we have done things to defend ourselves against his plan. We have stopped the defensive bleeding and we have found offensive comfort and that is why the victory has come ”.


Josep Puerto

The forward Taronja was "very happy to have been a starter for the first time in this club, when I came my idea is to help the team in everything that Jaume asks for, and if I have to help with energy, defending or whatever, I'll be like that very happy with being able to play”.


Regarding the game this afternoon, Puerto declared that “we have played against a team with many talented players, they have gained confidence with triples, and I think that when we have learned how we could stop their best options or abilities, the team has gone up from less to more".