Valencia Basket- Iberostar Tenerife post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Fernando San Emeterio


Jaume ponsarnau


"There are moments of energy where we do not find the maximum and as a consequence not only in actions we are soft, but also in things of habits, communication, making mistakes when we are in a situation in which we have to look for a limit we are not fast in certain actions, such as having to make fouls. The game was good but they played very well from that momento in the last quarter on and we defended softly and without stopping their game. They have found the corners and a lot of accuracy and there they have decided the game "



Fernando San Emeterio


“I think the beginning was a good staging and from there they have been able to react and have taken control of the first half. We had the feeling of being in tow but despite this we have held on to the game and despite the mistakes and not playing with the hardness with which we had to face the game we have held on and we have managed to go to the half-time with little difference in score. That has allowed us to have a very good third quarter, including the beginning of the last, where I think we have done a very good basketball. And then I don't know if we have gotten nervous or decomposed a bit at that time, it is also true that they have been very successful and we have left a game that we wanted to win to complete a very good week. It could not be but we must not be discouraged but we must keep rowing and keep fighting to be as high as possible"