Fenerbahçe Beko Istanbul- Valencia Basket pre-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Nikola Kalinic


Coach Jaume Ponsarnau said in the pre-game press conference that on Friday Valencia Basket will face "a very talented team that is trying to find its way into the Euroleague. It is a very changed team, with a balance between expert players and others who are living their first experience in the Euroleague with great enthusiasm. They have a very good coach, a lot of concepts and systems hard to defend. It is a team that will clearly grow over time and will become more and more competitive in the Euroleague. We will have to be aware of his ability to create and execute in the point-guard position, where they have very talented players. And that versatile game of threes playing four, fours playing three, fives playing four that demands a lot from you, to adapt and to seek competitions. We have enormous respect for a team with the history of Fenerbahçe in the Euroleague and we will try to do our best ”.


Nikola Kalinic

“Special game for me. I spent five years over there, a very nice period of time. For sure it’s going to be a lot of emotions, the first time going back over there. But I’m hoping for a good game and to keep going with the good games in the EuroLeague”.