Valencia Basket Club presents: #AraLaFontetaEresTu


Yes, it is possible that our temple right now isnot what we have always known, that place where emotions, joys, and theoccasional displeasure were lived. But we believe that it is time to turn thissituation around, because La Fonteta is also each of the stories that happen init, and it is time to make a special effort to tell them, because#AraLaFontetaEresTu.


If you have a story with Valencia Basket that youthink is worth telling, write to us at

Juan Julián Bosch, the first story

The first story of Ara La Fonteta Eres Tu that we are going to know is that of Juan Julián Bosch, a historic taronja season ticket holder since 1988, who has at home the largest collection of Valencia Basket games on record. More than 1,200 games that Juan himself, with the help of his brother Enrique (also a subscriber) has recorded. A story of feeling and love for some colors.

Second chapter of #AraLaFontetaEresTu, we meet Fernando Fuentes, who has no less than 20 Valencia Basket game shirts !!  And you, how many do you have? What do they mean to you? which is your favorite? 

He goes on trips with the story of Toni Ramírez in the match that allowed us to reach the first European final in our history. We are going to Greece!