Valencia Basket- UCAM Murcia post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Josep Puerto


Jaume Ponsarnau

“It was a very difficult game for us. First, because they are a complicated opponent, with a lot of tactics and different from the culture of other acb teams, a very physical team and we knew that the demand would be very high. Then we had our circumstances, it was our ninth game in 20 days, with 4 injured players, with Labeyrie injured and Vives who just before the game told us that we couldn't count on him today. Faced with all these difficulties that begin with the quality of the rival, we have started a game again against zone, we have learned from the previous games and we have not been so stopped but we have been inefficient. We have been learning in defense those things that they punish very well, that are very surprising and that they punished almost all of us. We have found energy to extend the team with Josep, for example, I think Sam has been fantastic leading the team, with accuracy and mentality. We have found those Nikola moments, especially in the decisive moment of the game that gave us clairvoyance at the end and Derrick's determination at the end. Everyone has helped, with more or less inspiration, but everyone was for the cause. And that is what we can be most satisfied with in a game like today ”

Josep Puerto

“We knew that we were going to play against a very tough team physically, they raised the area for us in the first half and that has slowed us down a bit not because we were attacking badly but because some triples didn't hit us. They have rebounded well offensively for most of the game, more in the first half, but we were attacking well, that was not the problem. In the second half, as soon as we have stopped their offensive rebound, the triples have begun to enter us and the players have begun to find each other, in addition to that Derrick has begun to punish in the low post and in counterattack and that they are they have collapsed a bit in attack, we have been able to get it out "