Leticia Romero and Rubén Burgos post J17 vs Spar Gran Canaria quotes


Leticia Romero analyzed the game. “It was a very important game for us, because it was just before the little Christmas break, we had to be focused to continue with this progress and we had to show that we were stronger and the team responded even with very important players out. The rest of us took a very important step to cover them” she said. Rubén Burgos also appreciated the victory. “Happy for the victory at home and doubly for finally being in front of our fans and distributing minutes. The game followed the script we wanted. Our style. We wanted to face it from defense. Defend the entire group to its referents and we all did it very well. In attack we had brilliance in the third quarter, but we never attacked badly. We wetre able to close it and now we are thinking about Zaragoza” he concluded.