Club Joventut Badalona- Valencia Basket post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Louis Labeyrie


Jaume Ponsarnau


“We both teams started in a very intense game, we were defending well, with a lot of activity, but we had a fissure that was the rebound. In the first quarter we gave five offensive rebounds that may have been the only ones that they have caught in the whole game, I may be wrong. But we had good feelings, in attack we were playing well, fluidly, with rhythm and it was in the second quarter when we were able to play from the rebound. We have run, more players have entered. For us it has been a difficulty defending a player like Tomic but I think that individually Mike and collectively we have worked so that a player of his quality does not do us the damage that he could do. We have had very good collective sense. In the first three minutes of the last quarter we have made a mistake and that has given them life and the option of entering the game, but we have regained stability and Martin has taken the reins of the game and the game has been ours "


Louis Labeyrie


“It was a good game for us, physically we were better in the second half. But we have controlled Joventut's attack very well and we haven't given them many second options in the rebounds, I think that's why we won the game"