Valencia Basket- CSKA Moscow post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau


“We started the game very well with rhythm and energy, we got hold of those feelings, with good attack and quite good defense. It was clear that we had to control their individualities collectively, as our best perimeter defenders are sidelined. The feelings were good but a couple of actions at the end of the second quarter gave them the option of going to the locker room with a good score. The second half started very hard, they have raised the level of defense, they have also found collective play and three-pointers in the corners that we have not been able to reach. In attack we were having a harder time attacking fluid and dynamic, as we had done in the first half. I think we have played smart, with heart, sometimes with more or less accuracy but always having a factor that has been the second option that has given us the offensive rebound, that has given us the possibility to compete. Then there have been 20 games to talk about but very happy for the win”.