Queralt Casas and Rubén Burgos post J24 LF Endesa vs Campus Promete quotes


Queralt Casas analyzed the game. “It was difficult to catch the rhythm in both parts, the two clubs came from days off and it is difficult to catch the rhythm, in the second quarter we were us again. We didn’t have a lot of rotation, we were tired but we have managed to endure the fatigue and the remaining 30 minutes, we played as a team, and with a good defensive level, in ofense we have failed, but in defense we were very good, helping each other and that has been the key. Rubén Burgos shared her opinion. “We are satisfied with the result and the effort that it took us to achieve it. The team needed to play and let the minutes pass, adding effort with the short rotation we had. People was very involved, it costed because the inactivity, but we supplied mentally and we supported each other, we have corrected the mistakes due to lack of oxygen and that is where the success comes. We will have to recover the players who have been injured for the next games, it is the current situation and we knew that we would have to adapt to it ”he concluded.