Jaume Ponsarnau and Guillem Vives post-game quotes: Valencia Basket- Club Joventut Badalona


Jaume Ponsarnau:

“The first thing, before regretting the 1000 things, should be noted that Joventut had a great game. Our staging did not understand the need to defend more aggressive and not let them play comfortable, because they have quality, pass and shot. They have made fantastic percentages and we have acted on the ball only at moments. We have had few players with the strength to compete against an opponent that we knew was direct. Today we will learn little from this game, what we have to do is prepare ourselves mentally for a game in which we want to be up to the task."


Guillem Vives:

“A tough game, it is difficult for me to describe how we are, or how I am, it is difficult for me to analyze it. They have been superior in all respects. We have lacked many things to not even compete in the game. Congratulate them, they have won us, to recover from this blow and for such a great challenge on Thursday"