Casademont Zaragoza- Valencia Basket post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Klemen Prepelic


Jaume Ponsarnau


“I want to add congratulations to the women's team of our Club, it is amazing how they work and how they are growing and it is a historic milestone for all of us who are part of this Club.


Regarding our game it has been very disputed. At first their pace was infernal, they are the team that plays at a higher pace in the Endesa League and in that exchange of hits we have started losing. By moving the team we have found a little more control and a little more inspiration than them and we have changed the feelings of the game, they were ours and we made a good last push in the last minute of the second quarter that gave us good feelings for go to the halftime. We started the second half very well, solid, consistent, there was still an exchange of hits but the feelings of the rhythm were already more ours and when the game seemed to be under control they found that special scoring talent they have, with a concept that we have defended badly and being in bonus they have gone to the free throw line and that has allowed them to come back. The last minutes we have been very good in attack, we have known what we were playing, with balance, we have found Kalinic who has given us game and we have defended very well. We have regained control of the game and that is why we have been able to win "


Klemen prepelic


“Before giving my feelings about the game, I want to congratulate our girls who have won the Eurocup and are European champions. We knew before we came that it was going to be a very difficult game, Casademont Zaragoza has a fairly complete team with many players difficult to defend. We had a plan that we followed for most of the game and we controlled the game. In the end we had a problem with our bonus but in the end we won a game that is very important to us"