Rubén Burgos and Cristina Ouviña post QF LF Endesa vs Ensino


Cristina Ouviña analyzed the game. “We knew it was going to be difficult, physically and mentally, especially the second thing to land from the cloud these days, that cost us until the break. We have realized that if we weren't 100% we weren't going to win and we reacted to get the victory" she said. Rubén Burgos also valued the game. “It was similar to the previous games against Ensino. The first two quarters are always even. Our defense, the depth of the bench is what makes us end up with a bigger advantage. Today was a tough game, we come from two very different previous preparations. The first part was complicated by their weapons beyond the mental level. We corrected the mistakes, we have increased our energy and the players have given their maximum, we don't have to highlight individualities. A very important victory, the most important game is always the next one and we must go day by day” he concluded.