Rubén Burgos and Leticia Romero post P2 F LF Endesa vs Perfumerías Avenida quotes


Rubén Burgos analyzed the game. “With the equality between these two teams we almost expected another overtime and it has been decided by details. The offensive rebound has penalized us. They have found how to cut back in the second quarter and they have been very successful at the end. I have to congratulate my players, they have given 100% and today they have given everything on the court with the impulse of the pavilion. We are going to prepare for the third, correct, improve and see if we get there. We have already done it, and with that illusion we go there”. Leticia Romero also had an opinion. “Very hard, very physical, it is decided by few points, the team has fought, they too. It has been competitive and now we have to recover for the next one ”.