Statements Jaume Ponsarnau and Sam Van Rossom J36 Liga Endesa in Real Madrid


Jaume Ponsarnau

“We have started very well on the rhythm, taking advantage of Real Madrid's legs, keeping the rhythm of the game. We have made a leap forward in defensive discomfort especially in direct blocking, where we have communicated better. Then it has been key to respect their ability to return to the games a lot, every time there has been a possibility we have attacked or defended well. They are very talented and I think we have done well in the individual and collective. We know that Madrid is not the best and that we still need to grow, and we want to continue growing and bequeath well to PlayOff "

Sam van rossom

“For us it is a great victory, we have fought, we have been working a lot in training for weeks, we want to play with more rhythm. Great result with good game and we have to go for more of these "