Valencia Basket- Herbalife Gran Canaria post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Klemen Prepelic


Jaume Ponsarnau

“The two teams have started looking for our feelings, with the doubt of the slippery floor and all this, but we have entered the attack with accuracy, we have found the triple and that has given us confidence. And after the start we found some good offensive moments that gave us the opportunity to run and have the rhythm of the game. We played very badly in the last three minutes of the second quarter and this has allowed them to go into halftime with the confidence of returning to the game. In the third quarter we did not play very well but defensively it was our best quarter, more solid, being aware that the game was difficult and that they had players who had entered the game well. And the last quarter has been a disaster. We have been losing confidence because of our attack, because of the shots that did not enter and because of their accuracy. We can regret many mistakes we have made throughout the game but in the last five minutes they have made a contested basket. They have the talent, but they have also been inspired. They have won the game out of desire and quality in a deserved way”


Klemen Prepelic


“Congratulations to Herbalife Gran Canaria for an important victory. This game was very important for both teams, we started well, with great accuracy, but in the last quarter we didn't put enough energy into it and it was clear that they were going for everything and were making difficult baskets. We also suffered a lot on the defensive rebound and they made us a few baskets after the rebound. Now we have one more final to get the home-court advantage for the Playoffs"