Rubén Burgos and Leticia Romero post J3 LF Endesa vs Perfumerías Avenida quotes


Leticia Romero and Rubén Burgos analyzed the match. “We knew the game we were going to find. They came with a lot of desire, we beat them in the Super Cup. We have had it there but we have lacked strength at the end, we have not been able to score several minutes, with mistakes and these are details that we will improve later on and we will win in this also when Ouviña returns ”, said the Canarian. The coach congratulated the rival. “Congratulate Salamanca who has played a good game and has risen from a tough defeat. We weren't as consistent as we wanted in the first half. We have rectified details in the break and we have taken it more to what we wanted. His last quarter start was very good in attack with a set that was definitive. Our players have given everything. In these close matches the details are important and we have not found the necessary success. Now to recover, the public has recognized the effort, and to return and continue to the fullest in the league. I think this year the regular phase of the league will be different from last season”, he concluded.