After the forced stoppage of competitions due to COVID, the fourth season with Rubén Burgos at the helm began with important additions to the team.


In the PG position, the Zaragoza and Spanish international Cristina Ouviña took command, sharing a position with Leticia Romero and Captain Anna Gómez.


On the outside positions, to the continuity of Queralt Casas and María Pina, was joined by Lorena Segura's continual rise to the first team, and the arrival of Australian international Rebecca Allen. Straddling the forward and power forward, the Lithuanian Laura Juskaite completed the squad. The Valencian Irene Garí and the North American Joy Adams would leave the squad.


In the inner game, a total change to the squad with four new faces. After a year on loan, Raquel Carrera began her journey as a first team player. Upon her arrival, the Spanish international Laura Gil joined. Along with them, the North American Celeste Trahan-Davis and the German Marie Gülich completed the inside game. Two historical ones like Meiya Tirera and Rebeca Cotano, as well as Tamara Abalde, Julia Reisingerova and Jana Raman would leave the team.


Valencia Basket was confirmed from the beginning as an aspiring team for everything, with records that promised to be in the fight for the titles. The first stake came in the Queen's Cup, where the taronja only lost in a tough final against Laia Palau's Spar Girona at La Fonteta.


The great joy of the season was to come at the Eurocup Women. Valencia Basket traveled to the Hungarian city of Szekszard where the final phase of the tournament was to be played in the Final Four format. After getting rid of Carolo Flammes in a brilliant semifinals, a heads-or-tails match against Reyer Venezia left for history one of the most dramatic and epic finishes in club history. With just two seconds to go, a slate play left Raquel Carrera in a frank position near the rim. Raquel was fouled on her shot and her two masterfully scored free throws sealed the first women's title in the club's history.


After the continental joy, came the return to the Liga Femenina Endesa, where the taronja continued to oppose the double. At the PlayOff, after beating Durán Maquinaria Ensino in the quarterfinals, Valencia Basket was able to take its own particular revenge against Spar Girona, who they beat in a tough semifinals. The final, to three games, would face Perfumerías Avenida de Salamanca. The taronja struck first, winning in charro lands, but the Salamancans did the same at La Fonteta and finished at home. The honey of the doublet stayed on the lips, in a season with three finals and a thousand lived emotions.