Rubén Burgos and Raquel Carrera post J30 LF Endesa vs Kutxabank Araski quotes


Coach Rubén Burgos admitted after the victory that "I think that from the second quarter on we saw the team we are used to seeing. We were aggressive on defense. That has given us confidence in the attack by playing well in the first seconds in transition, but for that you have to rebound, get balls. We knew that Araski was coming with nothing to play for and our initial goal of the game was to avoid comfortable actions, that the opponent would not find a comfortable game, to see if that way they would get out of it. But we were doing it the other way around. We were allowing penetrations, back doors, we were not defending collectively from the weak side... We have corrected it and from there we have lowered their scoring from the second quarter on. to value our attack by having 20 assists again, where we are one of the teams that get more assists per game. 

For her part, Raquel Carrera said that "it was a complicated game after the defeat in Tenerife. We were coming from a game there where we had some injuries, and the lack of players was noticeable. Then this week the team has worked like never before and it has been noticed in this game that we are looking forward to the playoff and we are going for everything".